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GEP Outlook 2024: Procurement & Supply Chain

What Will Drive Procurement & Supply Chain Value in 2024?

Procurement and supply chain leaders have faced their fair share of disruption and economic turmoil these past four years. Whether from war or escalating geopolitical tensions or the havoc caused by the pandemic and its aftershocks, plenty of challenges remain.

Despite this, leaders are seeing a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel — inflation is decreasing, interest rates are leveling off and supply chain volatility is easing. Finally, there’s some breathing room, and the opportunity to create long-term strategy, build resilience and explore the growing potential of artificial intelligence.

The GEP Outlook 2024: Procurement & Supply Chain report analyzes global business trends and explores seven vital leadership themes that will equip you to make the most of the year ahead.

The Hackett Value Matrix™ Purchase-to-Pay Software Solution Provider Perspective

In an era marked by rapid changes, procure-to-pay platforms play a pivotal role in ensuring organizations not only survive, but thrive, in today’s competitive landscape. The best procure-to-pay solutions are flexible enough to accommodate evolving business needs while offering optimal user experiences and equipping leaders with valuable spend insights.

In this report, you will learn how to identify and select a procure-to-pay solution that will act as a strategic asset and fuel continuous growth for your business.

Purpose-driven Procurement: Entering the Age of Holistic Value

Procurement's role has evolved beyond creating shareholder value; it now aims to generate value for communities, drive sustainability in supply chains, and mitigate risks while remaining resilient. 

This expanded purpose offers purchasing teams a unique opportunity to uncover additional value in areas such as risk management, innovation, and sustainability. Now, Procurement holds the key to addressing a large portion of an organization's environmental and social impact. 

In the latest Procurement Leaders Report, experts reveal that with the right vision, leaders can create a lasting legacy for themselves, their teams, and their organization. 


2023 State of Supplier Diversity Report

The 2023 report is here!  We just surveyed hundreds of supplier diversity professionals across a number of topic areas including business, executive support, program management, data, results, ESG and more to learn what is happening with programs across the country.   

This is our 6th annual report and includes trends we’ve been tracking for years as well as insights into recent developments including changes in how leaders are managing data, the impact of the economy and politics on programs, and the relationship between supplier diversity and ESG programs. 

Download the report to gain a few key insights from supplier diversity leaders including:

•61% have the support of business unit leaders

•72% have clearly defined supplier diversity goals

•The #1 progress area this year has been data quality

•The impact of the economy and politics on programs


Beyond Surviving: Achieving Long-Term Business Resilience With Agile Procurement And Supply Chain Strategies

Discover how an agile procurement and supply chain function ensures organizations can navigate uncertainties while optimizing costs, quality, and delivery!

Click here to read.

Ink To Innovation: How AI Is Transforming Enterprise Contracting

Understand AI’s risks, rewards, and how to best use it to create, execute, and better manage your contracts. Access the report to leverage data, explore real-world examples, and get expert analysis of how AI is changing enterprise contracting, including:

•How AI is fundamentally transforming how contracts are made, signed, and managed

•Critical differences, benefits, and pitfalls in the approaches different CLM platforms are using for AI

•Proven strategies used by leading organizations to transform their contracting processes

•How AI streamlines business operations, minimizes risks and accelerates decision-making

•Why human expertise is still critical as teams adopt AI for contracts

Download Sirion’s essential report — a definitive guide to generative AI, machine learning and the future of enterprise contracts.