Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP) Program

Strategic Sourcing Certification

Over the course of 10 weeks, SIG University’s Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP) program provides you with the skills to create strategies that go beyond traditional cost-cutting measures to bring more value to the business.

What is “strategic sourcing” in procurement?

Strategic sourcing encompasses the procurement and supply chain processes while forcing them to evolve. Strategic sourcing is so much more than just procurement. It places an emphasis well beyond the initial purchase price and focuses on the sourcing process through ongoing market analysis and relationship building with suppliers. It takes an in-depth approach to analyze what a company buys, where they buy it from, and at what price and volume.

Companies use strategic sourcing to make their procurement processes better by involving performance measurements and improving the process on an ongoing basis. Strategic sourcing has a multitude of success achievements, but one benefit that stands out among the rest is reduced total cost.

To put it simply, a strategic sourcing plan helps companies achieve big goals that contribute to their success. That’s why it’s important to learn more than just traditional procurement as your role and this function shift to be more strategic in nature.

What will I learn in the CSP program?

SIG University’s CSP program provides in-depth training on the hard and soft skills of sourcing, giving students the tangible and practical knowledge they need to be successful. In a 10-week online classroom, students are exposed to strategic sourcing and outsourcing methodologies, best practices in negotiations, and are also equipped with a toolkit of resources allowing them to add value in the office immediately. You’ll receive next practice insights in artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing, sustainability, and disruptive technologies challenging the future of work.

The program was developed by practitioners, academics, and subject matter experts. Modules and discussion forums are facilitated by a faculty member with specialized expertise in the week’s topic area. The CSP program is the most well-rounded curriculum available on the market for those seeking additional sourcing expertise, including program content that contains MBA-level sourcing theory.

Who should take the CSP program?

The CSP program is appropriate for both senior professionals and those new to the profession with no sourcing background. The program is useful for anyone working in sourcing, outsourcing, procurement, third party risk management, and related fields. Sourcing teams that take the CSP program together can improve their performance by gaining a baseline understanding of fundamental concepts and building a common language.

It’s important to note that the program is not just for practitioners, it’s also for the providers who serve them.

How is the CSP program structured?

The CSP program is a learning journey that is structured in three parts that take approximately 4-7 hours per week to complete depending on your learning style. You begin with learning the hard skills of sourcing, then move onto key strategic sourcing principles and finish your journey by focusing on the soft skills of sourcing.

Each week, you will:

  • complete weekly module assignments
  • take quizzes after each lesson to assess your retention
  • engage in a faculty-led asynchronous discussion forum with peers in your field across industries

You will also complete a final short essay on the topics covered in the program.  This combination of elements creates a holistic learning experience for our students.

What can I expect after completing the CSP program?

In addition to the knowledge, skills and tools gained, those who have completed the CSP program have loved the learning experience provided and can immediately apply what they learned. All graduates of the CSP program are issued a digital badge to include on their CV and LinkedIn profile.

Graduates of the CSP program are invited to join the SIG University Alumni and Faculty private LinkedIn group to stay connected with peers and faculty.

Additionally, SIG University graduates receive 10% off additional certifications!



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A wonderful program has come to an end but the concepts learned are going to be with us forever.SIG-CSP program has put me on a more professional, structured path as a Sourcing Manager & enjoyed the course thoroughly. Certified Sourcing Professional

Deepak Sharma
Bharti Airtel
I completed the CSP (Certified Sourcing Professional) program from SIG university. This course gives you lot of good insight about end-to-end Sourcing process the concepts are explained very clearly and supported with very good assignments. Additional reference materials are very good and helped me to broaden my knowledge on lot of topics. I will recommend this course to all sourcing professionals Thank you, SIG University, for a well-planned, and well-coordinated schematic training program. Certified Sourcing Professional

Agnieszka Madejska
BNY Mellon
This was very intensive strategic sourcing education. This SIG University training for Certified Sourcing Professionals lasted over 10 weeks and required a lot of effort from its participants, with about 180 quizzes to be passed and a number of posts to be created. It also included interaction with other students and finally completion of the essay task. It was definitely worth it! I consider this very well structured and presented by academic professionals in a friendly and easily accessible manner. Thank you very much SIG University! Certified Sourcing Professional

Larry Trawick
"The coursework was challenging but nonetheless indispensable for anyone working in the Strategic Sourcing Arena. I personally feel better positioned for success having taken the course." Certified Sourcing Professional

Rohit Singh Virdi
BNY Mellon
"I have enrolled for CSP Course and went through all the modules of 10 weeks or training, the reason to choose this course is to understand and learn something interesting about Sourcing, because it is matched with my job profile and this course help me to implement some new ideas in my project, so that it can run smoothly." Certified Sourcing Professional

Andrew Frye
Sourcing Systems Analyst, American Tire Distributor's
Over the course of the past three months, I’ve been privileged enough to be given the opportunity to further my education and enhance my learning from SIG University. We have covered so many interesting and pivotal topics within the realm of sourcing and strategic thinking. This well-structured course went into great detail on crucial topics, which entailed sourcing, artificial intelligence, ethics, project management, procurement, and much more! I would consider myself to be new working in the sourcing industry. With that said, I can say with certainty now after successfully completing this course my knowledge and talent in the field have astronomically increased and the organization I work for, will be very pleased. Certified Sourcing Professional
We participated in this cohort as a work group. Team members have 0-35 years' experience in various materials/purchasing management roles. I believe the training leveled the playing field for the team. The topics were catalysts for group discussion and training, good for novices and experienced employees. I felt like the Discussions provided insight and perspective into how other businesses operate. I look forward to participating in more training opportunities. Certified Sourcing Professional

Senior Analyst Global Sourcing, BNY Mellon
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to SIG university to bring this platform for experience professional like me. It is awesome & flexible platform for working professionals who wants to study further but can’t manage due to their working schedule. All CSP Modules covers almost all-important topics, and they are exhibited in very clear and elaborative way. Certified Sourcing Professional

Sr. Contract Administrator, Louisville Gas and Electric Company
My experience throughout the course of the SIG Certified Sourcing Professional program has been not only insightful and thought provoking, but also a wonderful refresher of the basic sourcing strategies and principles required to be a successful sourcing professional in the world of procurement today. Certified Sourcing Professional

Kaya Taylor
"Currently, I have the privilege of working as a leader on a number of company initiatives involving third party risk and vendor management including an ESG initiative aimed at identifying targets and performance measures within our vendor management program. The Certified Sourcing Professional training curriculum offered the content and toolkit to make much of the course work directly applicable to my day to day work as a third party risk management leader and I believe will allow me to contribute in both a timely and meaningful way. Thank you for the opportunity to engage with procurement experts and professionals from all industries. It’s been a truly rewarding experience." Certified Sourcing Professional

Yukta Ramanan
Founder and Executive Director, Youth For Ethical Sourcing
"I completed the Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP) training at 17, while still in high school, and can confidently say that it was an incredibly rewarding experience. The CSP course is a series of 12 week training modules that teach students sourcing concepts ranging from workflow orchestration and the integration of disruptive technologies into value chains, to building ethical business frameworks. As someone hoping to pursue a career developing legal framework for supply chain management, I would highly recommend this course to other young people aspiring to make an impact in the field of sourcing. The CSP course is a real differentiator and teaches students how to punctuate global business growth with sustainable, strategic procurement." Certified Sourcing Professional
"As a newcomer to the Sourcing and Procurement industry, I found the CSP certification program incredibly insightful. The coursework was easy to follow and covered a vast number of topics that were previously unfamiliar. I now feel better equipped to succeed in my new role and look forward to earning additional certifications through SIG University!" Certified Sourcing Professional

David Bang
Logistics Manager
"This course really teaches you the ins and outs of sourcing. I have learned when to be strategic and when to be tactical, when and how to use the different RFx's, and how great change management can move individuals in a positive way when changes are made that impact a company's operations. I also learned how excel functions can really help you understand certain data that can impact your decision. This semester has broadened my understanding of sourcing and will be beneficial as I move toward making decisions that will positively impact my company." Certified Sourcing Professional

Kapil Sharma
Associate Director NTT DATA Services, LLC
"I completed the Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP) program from SIG University and I can certainly say that it was the most important milestone in shaping my career. As a student of the CSP program, I gained both the skills and confidence to thoughtfully use a variety of quantitative approaches in my work. The CSP program is a tremendous asset, I use it’s approaches regularly, and the program was an excellent addition to my Sourcing career. The online courses and structure of the program make it easy to manage alongside other commitments (job and life), and the faculty and support team are all extremely responsive to student questions and needs.” Certified Sourcing Professional

Prabhu Meruga
Sourcing Analyst
“The course curriculum of the Certified Sourcing Professional training program unfolds various nuances of sourcing and procurement fundamentals, principles and situations. As an individual who completed the training program successfully, I will advocate and recommend this program for all sourcing professionals. Thank you, SIG University, for a well planned, and well coordinated schematic training program.” Certified Sourcing Professional

Vera Parenti, Esq.
Senior Manager, Contract Integrity Team Florida Blue
"I recommend the SIG Certified Sourcing Professional course for anyone who works in a Procurement Department, regardless of his/her position, because it covers the entire process, from cradle to grave, and provides important, clarification regarding each phase in this very broad spectrum of steps." Certified Sourcing Professional

Meridith Garibay
LMI Aerospace, Sonaca Group
"Over the last few months, I have had the distinct honor and privilege to participate in the CSP Program at SIG University. As a Procurement/Sourcing Professional for over 15 years, this course provided great insight into the progression of the Sourcing field and the key components to a successful Sourcing Organization. Many of the concepts and best practices covered throughout the course have been introduced to me at some level during my career by Executive Leadership, Directors, Mentors and Peers. Simply put, the course was refreshing and an insightful refresh of knowledge I have gained over the years, whether a direct forethought or what I would refer to as an “autopilot” behavior… my greatest takeaway from the CSP Program was improvements that the organization can make to managing supplier performance…  am grateful for the opportunity presented to participate in the CSP Program at SIG University. Thank you." Certified Sourcing Professional

Pratik Saraiya
Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.
“I did find this CSP program/certification very effective and would highly recommend it to all the aspiring Procurement Professionals as it covers a variety of topics/concepts which we come across in our daily job roles and this program helps us to connect the dots logically via concepts explained and align it with our practical working activities. I will be looking forward to applying the learning, concepts wherever feasible in my organization to improve overall operational and business efficiencies." Certified Sourcing Professional
“The SIG University course material has been thorough and very interesting.  As I operate within a rather small area of my team’s procurement processes, I found the information surrounding the SOW, how and why it is created, and how it is reviewed and used to be the most insightful so far.” Certified Sourcing Professional

Joseph Martinez
CPO, BNY Mellon
"I wanted a platform that allowed them to do the work within their own time frames, and a program that would create a bedrock of strategic sourcing knowledge across the organization. Within the Certified Sourcing Professional program, they touch on finance, on accounting and on risk. It helps students see how procurement fits into the business’ overall ecosystem. That kind of insight is so valuable. It enables you to understand how what you’re doing correlates with what the rest of the organization is doing. I think it’s really important to build a culture of learning. If someone had offered SIG University to me when I was just starting my career, I would have become a CPO 10 years earlier than I did."   Certified Sourcing Professional

Madison Mobley
"As a professional both new to the procurement space AND on the sell-side, I was feverishly seeking growth opportunities to more deeply understand those I would be "selling to" each day. Ultimately, I was pointed in the direction of SIG's CSP by an esteemed colleague (Canda Rozier). The certification course material met and exceeded my expectations while exposing me to a network of procurement professionals who have built and continue to build successful careers in procurement. I've not conducted a single "sales" activity without the lessons learned top of mind since graduating. My perspective is even broader, and my conversations have become even richer. I kinda like the procurement sales professional I'm becoming. :-)" Certified Sourcing Professional

Deepika Khichi
BNY Mellon
"SIG is doing an excellent job of training sourcing professionals to module and emerge as global leaders. It is helping to keep our knowledge up to date and elevate yourself as leaders in sourcing. I am glad to be part of the SIG network for sourcing professionals and widen my network arena. “Great Program” that I would recommend to all Sourcing professionals. Last but not the least, I would like to thank the entire SIG team and faculty for such a wonderful experience and learning. Keep spreading the knowledge and helping professionals to learn. Keep up the Good Work!" Certified Sourcing Professional

Oluwadamilare Adeoye
"I am so happy to have taken this course - Certified Sourcing Professional with SIG University. The course provided end-to-end theoretical and practical insight into sourcing model, change management, business data analytics, financial reporting, cost analysis, negotiation plan and communication strategies. I have learnt so much going through this course and I would recommend this course for every sourcing professional, category managers and procurement specialist. In-short, this is the best course I have taken to date and I would love to be a sourcing professional evangelist to help other professional." Certified Sourcing Professional

Thomas Billstein
"One of the smartest ideas Joseph Martinez brought to MUFG Union Bank's procurement program was to encourage everyone in the business unit to complete the SIG University procurement course of study. A common language and understanding of the subject among the 100+ Procurement Unit members was a very valuable and silo-breaking experience. I highly recommend the practice to other companies that are working hard to transform their procurement practices." Certified Sourcing Professional

David Romo
"This program offers a deep dive and complete overview of strategic sourcing and the functional areas surrounding the acquisition lifecycle management." Certified Sourcing Professional

Prema Shankarasubban
"The content is well thought, nicely structured and designed in a very simple language. The 12 weeks has a good spread on the content covering topics on finance, detailed study of each component in sourcing life cycle, governance, soft skills like negotiation and many more that really provoked my thoughts to change the way I was approaching sourcing a deal. Studying online provided me the flexibility to balance office work and finish each week's content. The assessments at the end of each lesson helped me to have thorough understanding of the topics discussed in the lesson. Additional reference materials are very good and helped me to broaden my knowledge on lot of topics. If one is interested in networking with their fellow sourcing professionals, this is the platform the provides opportunity to interact with professionals from different industry. I admire the knowledge of faculty covering the content every week and their interaction during the week through discussion forum was useful. I would recommend Certified Sourcing Professional for those who want to establish their career as a successful 'Sourcing Professional' and build a world-class 'Sourcing Team'." Certified Sourcing Professional

Monica Oliverio
Honda North America
“For myself, the CSP Program was a good refresher on key concepts and methodologies, with an introduction to a few new items as well. For my team who has also participated in the program, the comprehensive, and well-rounded content provides the right amount of knowledge in an easy to understand format.” Certified Sourcing Professional

Catherine Syrard
National Bank of Canada
"The CSP Program is a great source of information to practice day to day Sourcing business. My top takeaways were learning category segmentation, sourcing strategy development, project management principles and working in a cross functional sourcing team." Certified Sourcing Professional

Laura Hamill
"SIG University is engaging, interactive and successful. It was a great refresher after being in procurement for 15 years, and I like to hear other people's stories." Certified Sourcing Professional

Amy Albus
Thomson Reuters
"The CSP Program is informative, helpful and comprehensive. I appreciated getting a better understanding of the overall sourcing process and helpful tools and protocol that can be used to make sourcing more efficient." Certified Sourcing Professional

Allison Brown
Florida Blue
"Great program! The material covered the procurement industry and function well. A true cradle to grave approach to training the various accountabilities. I really liked that it was focused on more than contracting and negotiation strategies but included Project Management, Communication Management and other key components such as Category Management." Certified Sourcing Professional

Michael Kelly
Sun Life Financial
"SIG U is 5 star quality! The CSP Program gave me more confidence in my knowledge of the sourcing industry. It provided me with a line of sight into how some other countries or corporations approach similar projects differently." Certified Sourcing Professional