Networking Events

SIG provides amazing networking opportunities for sourcing professionals. With SIG Summits, SIGnature Events, Virtual Forums, and more, SIG is the best place to network with your peers. We offer a variety of networking events, including:


The SIG Global Executive Summit is a 3-day event that is packed with the latest best practices, cost-cutting strategies, innovative processes and risk-mitigation approaches. Through executive roundtables, general sessions, workshops, breakout sessions and networking, you'll hear from thought leaders, discover the newest trends and network with peers facing similar challenges.

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Witness what the future of procurement looks like at the SIG Procurement Technology Summit. Discover and interact with technologies that will advance digital transformation in business and across the world. Connect with futurists, senior practitioners and technologists for a meeting of the minds that will show you how the implementation of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics process automation can elevate communities, enhance quality of work and ignite innovation.

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SIGnature Events are one-day meetings filled with executive networking, industry benchmarking and lessons learned from the most innovative trends and next practices. Through executive buy-side presentations, inspirational SIG Talks. concurrent breakout sessions and live peer-to-peer discussions, delegates will leave with valuable insights, tangible solutions, and a network of new resources.

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The CPO & Executive Virtual Series is an open-mic conversation where senior procurement executives gather with other CPOs online to openly discuss their most pressing issues. These facilitated conversations set the stage for the CPO Roundtables held each fall at the SIG Global Executive Summits.

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SIG University hosts one-day educational microlearning sessions with a mission of advancing sourcing and risk professionals and transforming careers. Microlearning by SIG University is an opportunity for SIG members and non-members alike, to come together for an engaging day of learning on topics that have been deemed educational gaps in today’s workforce. Facilitated in part by SIG Faculty, these days are designed to educate in an open group format, encourage collaborative discussions and provide each delegate with key takeaways.

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SIG University Alumni: When you attend SIG in-person or virtual events, you qualify for Continuing Education (CE) credits towards the maintenance of your certification, subject to the topics of the sessions and their applicability to your certification. 

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Upcoming SIG Events

Date Event Event Type
June 19, 2023 SIG University - Semester 4 SIG University Semester Start
July 19, 2023 2023 July CPO & Executive Virtual Series CPO Virtual Forum
August 14, 2023 SIG University - Semester 5 SIG University Semester Start
August 30, 2023 2023 August CPO & Executive Virtual Series CPO Virtual Forum
September 14, 2023 2023 Eastern Regional SIGnature Event SIGnature Event
October 09, 2023 SIG University - Semester 6 SIG University Semester Start
October 15, 2023 2023 Global Executive Summit Summit
November 16, 2023 2023 Northeastern Regional SIGnature SIGnature Event
March 25, 2024 2024 Procurement Technology Summit Summit
October 07, 2024 2024 Global Executive Summit Summit
April 02, 2025 2025 Procurement Technology Summit Summit
October 06, 2025 2025 Global Executive Summit Summit
March 02, 2026 2026 Procurement Technology Summit Summit