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Our featured content is available to download for free. These resources cover topics that are critical to the procurement, sourcing and outsourcing industry.

What we do

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SIG's mission is to elevate the sourcing industry by bringing Fortune 500/Global 1000 companies together to share best practices and thought leadership. We do this in three ways:

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    Events - Our networking events facilitate collaboration among professionals.
  • 2
    Training - Learning potential is endless with SIG's educational training programs.
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    Content - Our thought leadership content provides intel that sourcing execs need.

SIG Summits

SIG's Global Executive & Procurement Technology Summits are global events for learning, networking and sharing.

Regional SIGnature Events

Regional SIGnature Events provide local learning and networking opportunities.


Future of Sourcing Awards

The Future of Sourcing Awards celebrate people that are driving innovation in sourcing.

SIG Resource Center

The SIG Resource Center is a library of information and tools for sourcing professionals.

SIG University

SIG University creates best-in-class global sourcing and risk leaders through online education.



SIG Webinars provide great learning experiences right from your desktop.

  • "The [SRC] site is fast, polished and super easy to use. This is the best ever resource for sourcing professionals, no contest."
    President, Ontala Performance Solutions
  • "After attending the SIG Global Summit, I now have an even greater realization of what a treasure trove of resources SIG truly is, and I hope to leverage these resources and work with SIG much more closely going forward!"
    VP of Lead Sourcing, PNC Bank
  • "SIG’s knowledgeable team always facilitates very well organized events that encourage attendees to network and build relationships with their peers. We would encourage anyone that is interested in interacting with procurement leaders to sponsor SIG’s events."
    Marketing Director, Allegis Global Solutions